Taddy Blazusiak vann VM i Superenduro

22/02 2014

Taddy Blazusiak is 5- times World Indoor Champion after SuperEnduro

Red Bull KTM factory rider Taddy Blazusiak was in blistering form on Saturday night in Tours, France to secure the 2014 FIM SuperEnduro title to make him five-times World Champion in the indoor disciplines.

To the collective enjoyment of the French crowd, the popular Polish rider got straight down to business, wrapping up the title after the first of three Prestige Class finals when he slipped past Mathias Bellino with two laps to win the first race.

While Blazusiak had already settled the title he was well supported by British rider and factory teammate Jonny Walker, who had earlier won the Superpole, who finished third behind Bellino to set up what was going to be a hot night out for the Orange factory team. Walker crossed the line with a good margin to veteran David Knight and KTM rider Paul Bolton.

The second final saw riders start in reverse order with Blazusiak and Walker both having to fight their way through the pack. Taddy was back in control as early as the second lap and looked like he was on his way to a second victory on the night. But he made a mistake in the rocks, opening a window of opportunity to KTM’s young pretender, the talented. Jonny took the lead over the logs obstacle and went on to claim the win, with Taddy in second and Alfredo Gomez of Spain in third.

With one win each on the night, this set up a two way battle for the two KTM riders in the last final to take the event victory. But Blazusiak by then was firing in all cylinders and went on to pick up his fourth overall victory in six rounds of the 2013-2014 championship. Walker was a comfortable second in the last race to assume his place on the podium and take third in the championship.

Blazusiak’s 64-point lead in the championship is testament to the fact that he remains at the apex of his sport on both sides of the Atlantic. He finished in front of Knight, with Walker third for the current season.

FIM SuperEnduro Championship
Round 6 of 6 in Tours, France
Event Results
1, Taddy Blazusiak, POL, KTM (World Champion)
2, Jonny Walker, GBR, KTM
3, Mathias Bellino, FRA, Husqvarna
4, Alfredo Gomez, ESP, Husqvarna
5, David Knight, GBR, Sherco

SuperEnduro Championship 2014
1, Blazusiak 338
2, Knight, 274
3, Walker 259
4, Gomez,
5, Ljunggren, 190

Prestige Final 1
1, Blazusiak (Declared World Champion after first final – fifth world indoor title for KTM’s Blazusiak)
2, Bellino
3, Walker
4, Knight
5, Daniel Gibert-Gatell, ESP, Gas Gas

Prestige Final 2
1, Walker
2, Blazusiak
3, Gomez
4, Joakim Ljunggren, SWE, Husqvarna
5, Gibert-Gatell

Prestige Final 3
1, Blazusiak,
2, Walker
3, Bellino,
4, Gomez
5, Knight

1, Walker, KTM
2, Blazusiak, KTM
3, Bellino
4, Knight
5, Gomez

Junior Class
Event Results
1, Jesper Borjensson, SWE, Husqvarna
2, Magnus Thor, SWE, Husqvarna
3, Pawel Szmkowski, POL, KTM
4, Eldo Salsench, ESP, KTM
5, Owain Humphries GBR, Sherco






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